I am Installing the new Photo Black cart on the R3000 – Now I am Crossing my fingers that it works!

As you all know I obtained a hardly used EPSON R3000 from a good friend for just the cost of shipping it to me.
It looked and appeared in perfect pristine condition. So after powering it up I realized that I needed a new Photo Black or PK cart as the one in the printer was empty.
The new one arrived today and I quickly installed it and IT WORKS!!! The Printer WORKS! Perfect nozzle check!

As a side note. I weighed the Empty on and it came in at 24 grams. A new one comes in at 54 grams so the difference is 28 grams or about 28 ml of ink. The reported volume is supposed to be about 19ml so close enough.

Now for the part I did not see coming. In an earlier video I did an initial fill of one of my Push Button to reset R3000 carts and guess what it weighs as full?
54 grams!

I beginning to love this!

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Post time: May-09-2017


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