HP93, HP94, HP95, HP96, HP97 Ink Cartridge Errors & Diagnostics -HP Deskjet 6800-6900 Printers

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Following a severe HP 93 through HP 97 ink cartridge error condition which prevents Deskjet 6800-6900 print operations, in an effort to determine if either of the black or color ink cartridges has (1) electrically failed, (2) is potentially mating improperly and (3) all
nozzles are firing properly, conduct an internal ‘Tap 41′ diagnostic test on the printer.

When Deskjet printer ink level indicators are blinking and printing is not permitted, it is first suggested to firmly reseat both ink cartridges and ensure cartridge and printer’s carriage flex driver cable (electrical) contacts are thoroughly clean. Activation of the tap 41 diagnostics service test will check the cartridge’s electrical performance. Also verify ink cartridge’s warranty expiration date before refilling as the cartridge might be at risk for potential failure due to internal electrical damage. For other printer models please refer to Inkjet411.com.

NOTE: After HP 92-98 ink cartridges are refilled a variety of pop-up alert messages may be observed at the printer and/or host computer. The printer will continue to attempt to communicate low ink warning messages during the life of the refilled ink cartridge — this is completely NORMAL and nothing to be alarmed over. While the HP 92 through HP 98 ink cartridge levels cannot be tracked or reset, the majority, if not all, of these warning messages and/or steady indicator lights, may simply be ignored and the printer should continue to printer normally. Ink level warnings and indicators provide estimates for planning purposes only.

Post time: Jul-30-2018
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