HP Photosmart 6525 6520 Printer Not Printing Black Ink – HP Photosmart Printer Not Printing

In this video we discuss the process by which we clean a clogged inkjet print head. A clogged print head can result in no black printing or no color printing even after the ink cartridge has been replaced. This problem is common with HP Photosmart printers such as HP Photosmart 6520, 6525, 65XX Etc. This cleaning process applies to many inkjet printers with clogged print heads. Please follow manufacturers troubleshooting recommendations before attempting this procedure. I also recommend checking for any possible warranty coverage before attempting this fix. this is a last chance fix when all other attempts have failed. Please take care not to allow excess water or cleaning solution to enter printer and create an electrocution hazard. This issue is common with these HP printers along with other inkjet printers of various makes and models: HP PRINTER Photosmart 5510 Photosmart 5514 Photosmart 5522 Photosmart 6510 Photosmart 6520 Photosmart 7515 Photosmart B8500 Photosmart B8558 Photosmart C5370 Photosmart C5383 Photosmart C5393 Photosmart C6340 Photosmart C6380 Photosmart D5400 Photosmart D5463 Photosmart D7560 Photosmart Premium C410 Series Photosmart Plus B210 Series Deskjet 3070a Deskjet 3522 Photosmart 5511 Photosmart 5515 Photosmart 5524 Photosmart 6512 Photosmart 6525 Photosmart 7520 Photosmart B8550 Photosmart C5300 Photosmart C5373 Photosmart C5388 Photosmart C6300 Photosmart C6350 Photosmart C6383 Photosmart D5445 Photosmart D5468 Photosmart Premium C309 Series Photosmart eStation C510 Series Officejet 4620 Deskjet 3520 e-All-In-One Deskjet 3526 Photosmart 5512 Photosmart 5520 Photosmart 5525 Photosmart 6515 Photosmart 7510 Photosmart 7525 Photosmart B8553 Photosmart C5324 Photosmart C5380 Photosmart C5390 Photosmart C6324 Photosmart C6375 Photosmart C6388 Photosmart D5460 Photosmart D7500 Photosmart Premium C310 Series

Post time: Dec-21-2018
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