HP Deskjet 5000 Printers – HP 56 HP 57 HP 58 Ink Cartridge Diagnostics (Tap 43)

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For HP Deskjet 5000 series printers (i.e. 5000, 5100, 5500, 5600, 5800) which use HP 56 & HP 57 (or HP 58) ink cartridges, if you observe a blinking (or steady) ink light at the printer or you observe a ‘remove and check cartridge’ window’s alert message and printing is not permitted, then perform the Tap 43 diagnostic test to help determine if either of the ink cartridges has electrically failed, is potentially mating improperly, and all cartridge ink nozzles are firing properly.

NOTE: You must first stop the blinking ink error light by pressing the Cancel button. You may need to remove one of the ink cartridges first in order to do this before you can proceed, then re-install cartridge just prior to commencing the diagnostic test.

To activate the Tap 43 diagnostic test print:
1. To begin, Press and HOLD the Power Button.
2. Press the Cancel (X) button 4 times, then…
3. Press the Resume/Down Arrow button 3 times.
4. Release the Power button.

NOTE: The Tap 43 test report will be printed using the black ink cartridge by default; if a blank page appears then remove the black ink cartridge from the printer and repeat steps; report will be printed using the Color cartridge. This can also help you isolate the problem to one of the ink cartridges.

5. Review page data information. The ‘Current’ error message should state ‘None’. Reseat ink cartridges for all other messages or replace ink cartridge with a new one to resolve error issue.
6. Check the printed stair-step patterns. Ideally, a good Color cartridge will display 300 nozzles (for example, check the printed 10 x 10 stair step patterns for each of the 3 colors), while a good Black cartridge will display 416 nozzles (for example, check the printed 26 x 16 stair-step pattern).

Verify ink cartridge’s warranty expiration date before refilling as the cartridge might be at risk for potential failure due to internal micro-electronic damage. For advanced HP printer diagnosis visit: http://inkjet411.com/?page_id=1813

Post time: Jan-07-2018


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