HP COLOUR LASERJET 1500 / 2500 / 2550 / 2820 / 2840 DRUM RESET CHIP

HP2550/HP2820/HP2840 (Q3964A)
CANON LBP 2410/ LBP 5200 MF 8170 /MF 8180

There is a page counting chip on the drum unit. When the drum gets to a certain number of prints the printer shuts down the chip. (Approx. 20,000 pages but see below).

The printer counts four passes or four pages for each colour print. If your drum was working correctly prior to the “Image drum light” appearing, you can replace the chip on your drum unit and continue printing.

1 Locate the chip on your drum unit.

Remove using a small flat blade screwdriver

2 Remove the sticky backing from the new chip and carefully replace the chip.

(Gold surface up.)

Chip may be red or green.

A Scratched Drum will show up as a very thin, perfectly straight line that runs from the top to the bottom of the test page.

A Chipped Drum will result in a dot or series of dots that repeat at 148.3mm intervals.

A Light Damaged Drum will show up as a shaded area on the test print that should be white. Again this will
repeat at intervals of 148.3mm

A Bad Wiper Blade will result in vertical shaded lines down the page, or as shading across the entire page. In either case there will be a film of toner on the drum surface.


Post time: May-26-2017


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