HP 920 Ink Cartridges Hot Water Printhead Flush – Officejet 6000 7000 Printers

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NOTE: This non-HP endorsed PRINTHEAD flushing procedure applies to HP920 ink-series printer models (HP Officejet 6000, 6500, 6500A, 7000, and 7500A Printers) which exhibit non-correctable print quality problems or missing colors.

This procedure should be considered “a last ditch effort” just prior to printhead replacement and assumes that there is an adequate amount of ink available for the ink system recovery following printhead flushing. For example, at least 30% of ink is available within each ink cartridge. This procedure is only applicable to HP Officjet 6000 thru 7000 series printers which feature a removable printhead assembly and should only be attempted after all other recovery suggestions, from HP, have been exhausted.

If, after activating the ‘Clean Printhead’ routine 2 times in a row, along with manufacturer’s suggested printer cleaning procedures, blank pages continue to be observed or output print quality is extremely poor (for example, there are several missing colors in the Self Test or Print Quality Diagnostic Report where otherwise all CMYK colors should normally be present with no visible streaking), then the printhead may have partially dried out and a hot water flush may be necessary to help recover the ink system.

1. Remove all 4 ink cartridges from the printer.
2. Remove the printhead — in most cases you will need to pull up on the lever at right side of carriage assembly to unlock the printhead. Lift printhead straight up to remove.
3. Over a sink, run warm tap water directly into the 4 ink ports for approximately 2 minutes — this will effectively saturate the foam ports and blow ink out/thru the nozzle plate bottom.
4. Using a lint-free towel, remove water from rear/bottom electrical contacts. Ensure printhead electrical contacts and exposed surfaces are completely dry.
5. Install the printhead and cartridges into the printer. You may observe a “Replace Printhead message” so you will need to cycle printer power by turning printer off and then on to clear the error.
6. You should observe a New PRINTHEAD alert message followed by an approx. 4-minute printer preparation countdown prompt. NOTE: Re-seating or insertion of the printhead into the printer will consume up to approximately 8-10% of the ink and effectively re-prime all colors in the ink system.
7. Activate the ‘Print Quality Report’. This can be done from the printer’s control panel or software printer driver (for example, by selecting ‘Tools’ – ‘Print Quality Report’, or similar).
8. Verify all colors have recovered and no visible streaking or fade is present in print report.
9. If no improvement is observed in the printed output, then perform advanced printer diagnostics at http://www.inkjet411.com Refer to ‘Solve My Problem’ or refer to ‘HP Printer Diagnostic Tests’: http://inkjet411.com/?page_id=1813

Post time: Feb-23-2018


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