HP 903 inkjet cartridges – print head nozzle cleaning OfficeJet 6950

The HP 903 inkjet cartridges sit in a moving print head compartment inside the HP OfficeJet 6950. The printers print head is integrated in this moving compartment. The tutorial demonstrates how to get rid of bad looking prints due to clogged nozzles in the print head by cleaning the print head manually. The cleaning approach does not pollute the printer´s waste ink sponge and does not waste valuable printer ink.
HP 903, HP 903 XL inkjet cartridges work in the following HP printer models:
Officejet 6950,
Officejet PRO 6868,
Officejet PRO 6870,
Officejet PRO 6950,
Officejet PRO 6960,
Officejet PRO 6968,
Officejet PRO 6970,
Officejet PRO 6975,
Officejet PRO 6978

Post time: Dec-21-2019
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