HP 60, 60XL Cartridge Error Bypass – HP Photosmart C4600 C4700 D110a Printers

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As the electronics in the HP60 or HP 60XL ink cartridge and the printer communicate with each other, sometimes the printer will incorrectly identify an ink cartridge as empty or non-functional. These error messages can appear as PC screen messages, printer LCD display messages, or as blinking lights on the printer. Depending on your Photosmart C4600, C4700 and D110a series printer model and type of error condition, please review printer bypass/clear procedures as the button selections vary slightly between printer models. In many cases the ink cartridge may have internal electrical damage and may need to be replaced.

Refer to printer Tap 41 diagnostic test procedures for advanced cartridge health diagnosis: http://inkjet411.com/?page_id=1813

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A marginally performing HP60 or HP60XL ink cartridge may produce the following severe cartridge error messages which do not allow printing:
- Incompatible Print Cartridges
- Print Cartridges Missing or Not Detected
- Cartridges Installed Incorrectly
- Print Cartridges Problem
- Cartridge in slot on left/right is not intended for use in this product
- Cartridge not intended for use in this printer
- Power ‘On’ light blinking

Post time: Jul-29-2017


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