how to verify your genuine HP ink cartridges and win a price

You can verify your genuine HP ink cartridges and win a price of a HP Slate 7 Extreme Tablet!

How can I tell if I have genuine HP print cartridges?

Check if the HP logo is present and genuine.
Check for signs of reproduction and flush surfaces on the outer images.
Test that the security seal is genuine.
Poor, inconsistent print quality indicates that you may have obtained non-original HP print cartridges.
Counterfeit products fail prematurely. With a failure rate of less than one in every hundred, HP print cartridges remain to be one of the most reliable around the world.
HP does not sell customers heavily discounted print supplies, nor conduct factory surplus sales.
Deceptive marketing
HP does not market print supplies directly by phone. Beware if someone calls you claiming that they are an HP employee or affiliate, and tries to sell you their products.
Be careful on purchasing print cartridges that claim to yield more than that that of a standard HP cartridge – chances are these cartridges are counterfeits.
Watch out for ‘free’ product offers or evaluations provided by some vendors. They may oblige you to purchase later, which can cost you more in the end.
Think twice before engaging with vendors that are unwilling to provide customer references on the products they are selling.
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Your participation in verifying that you are using genuine HP products guarantees you’re working with the best quality products for your printing needs.

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Post time: Jul-14-2017


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