How to unlock EVERY alpha s3 tag – mirror. Alpha security high theft solutions.

WARNING : Alert Hyperguard detects foil lined bags AND magnets bought into a store.
Yes, magnet detectors do now exist.

alpha s3 key tag and keepers

Hard Tags

› O-Tag
› Accessory Tag
› Mini Tag
› Ink Tag
› Hang Tag
› Optical Tag
› 2 Alarm Hard Tag
› 3 Alarm Hard Tag
› 3 alarm Keepers
› Bottom Load Boxes
› Benefit Denial DVD Box
› Clamshell Box
› Infant Formula Keeper
› Showcase Keeper

Source Applied
› JewelLok
› Cable Wrap
› Shark Tag

› 3 alarm CableLok
› Alarm-Secured CableLok
› Mini Spider Wrap
› Alarm-Secured &
Non-Alarming Spider Wrap
› Cinch Wrap
› 2 Alarm Attack Spider Wrap
› 3 Alarm Attack Spider Wrap

original file description :
This is for training purposes on how to use Detachers properly. Also alternative and backup if the original ‘keys’ fail or are misplaced. DO NOT ENGAGE IN CRIMINAL ACTIVITY!
We own these products and were obtained through legal sources.

The magnets used in this video can be purchased through various sources. The N52 magnets used were 1″x1/2″x1/4″ Chrome/Rubberized

My personal preference would be to use 4 of the Chrome N52 vs the S3. The S3 has weaker magnets and over time the Keepers become harder to open. Using these solves that issue for the stubborn Keepers and tags.

The Superlock Detacher, once removed from the housing, can be used also on a few of the products.

Alternatively, the configuration can be 2 of the N52′s if you would like to restrict access to your employees to certain products.

Even further, 1 of the N52′s can be used for certain Keepers as well.

As a word of caution, regarding the magnets, OUCH! Watch out. THese can pinch you, break skin and cause bodily harm. Use caution when handling any strong magnet.

Also, if you are NOT a retailer, LP, or involved in some manner with a store you are in with these. You could be breaking the law. SO please Obey ALL local, State, country, etc. laws and again, do not use this for criminal activity. You have been warned.

At the end of the Video, I included a quick capture of an MSR 206 – Reason being is, Do not get a customers, or your own, credit card or Identification in close proximity to these or any magnets. They will be rendered useless. Unless you have the ability to re write them with the appropriate tools. If you have the ability, I always recommend to backup your mag strips on an encrypted drive for emergency purposes.

Post time: Jun-20-2017


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