How to reset the Brother HL 1110, 1112, 1118, 1210w toner cartridge TN1050

Your Brother printer will let you know when you are low on toner using a series of LED lights on the printer or messages on the LCD display depending on which model you have.

The printer asks for the toner cartridge to be changed before all of the toner has been used. This is a waste of toner and your money. Put the printer into “Continue Mode” – this will force the printer to use up the max amount of toner in cartridge! This method is also detailed in the printer manual.

Will work with: Brother HL-1110, HL-1111, HL-1112, HL-112A, HL-1118, HL-1210, HL-1210W, HL-1212, HL-1212W. cartridge part numbers:
TN1000, TN1010, TN1020, TN1040, TN1050, TN1070, TN1035, TN1030, TN1070, TN1075, TN1060

LED showing Toner low – ignore keep printing.

LED showing Replace toner – now override this warning and keep printing..

To force the machine to continue printing after the LEDs indicate Replace Toner, press (power) button seven times to enter Continue mode.
All the LEDs blink twice, and then the Ready LED () turns on)

Now print until the print quality is no longer acceptable or you get the error message toner life end and you cannot print

Post time: Jun-19-2017


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