How to repair fast fan speed on PS3 – unable to cool properly.
Please note: We made a follow up video – we did not get to finish this video here.
We now offer fan mod circuits that correctly remove heat buildup from your console.
If you repair PS3s its only a matter of time till you get one that after putting together the fan will kick up high and either stay there or shut off from too much heat – or so it appears. If a Playstation 3 is actually overheating the fan will be on high and there will he hot air cominjg out the back. But, what if your fan is on high and there is no hot air coming out? This means your GPU is not getting the heat transferred to the heatsinks fast enough to shed that heat off the component. We tried a few ideas in this video but surprisingly they did not help too much. First, we thought maybe its the compound/adhesive under the heat spreader. Made sense considering we just put now thermal compound on the top of the heat spreader. Then we tried softer or more viscous compound. As you know the heat spreader on the PS3 has a larger surface area. That means a thick compound will not allow the spreader to push out the excess compound allowing the spreader to come as close as possible to the heatsink. So we tried MX2 over the Artic Silver 5. A slight difference but still over heated once. Then lastly we took a look at the clamps (these are the metal springs used under the screws to pull the heatsink towards the CPU/GPU). We found the clips to really not have much “bend” in them – they were relatively flat. So we decided to bend them a bit to give them a little more pressure when bolting down. Immediately we noticed the fan ran slower – still slightly elevated but one or two levels lower. We removed them again and bent the clamps even more – they now looked to be a good 2-3 times more bent then the average clamp. This brought the unit under complete control and was returned to the customer and has worked ever since. We did add a fan booster as well – just in case.

Post time: Jun-22-2017


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