how to refill xerox machine toner II technical kaim

Step by step procedure for process of how to refill or recycle photocopier toner powder of sharp Xerox machine 6020 in hindi, In this video tutorial i am going to explain you the step by step procedure of refilling toner or toner cartridge recycling process. we can refill canon , hp, ricoh Xerox machine. generally most of the models of sharp Xerox machine and EPSON PRINTERS includes sharp 6020 and epsonl 565 modals.
This is sharp 6020 photocopier . this is of black & white Xerox machine . This is toner powder , which we will fill up . For this refilling process we require these equipments – screw driver , this is the most important because it is going to unlock the toner . the benefit of refilling is that it is very cost effective , by refilling you can save 90 % of money , don’t worry about the print quality , if your machine and toner is in proper condition then i can guarantee you for the best prints which you got with a new toner you can recycle toner cartridge many times as the internal movable hardware parts is in good condition . at least 3 – 5 times minimum . The refiling process is a bit difficult , because companies used to lock it in such a manner so that a people can not refill it easily . BUT no need to worry , i am here guys , i had made it really simple , just follow me .

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Post time: Jan-07-2018


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