How to Refill Lexmark E230, E232, E234, E240, E330, E332, X203, X204, X340, and many others

Compatible Printers: Lexmark E230, E232, E234, E238, E240, E330, E332, E340, E342, X203, X204, X340, X342, Dell 1700, 1710, P1700, IBM InfoPrint 1412, 1512

Compatible Cartridges: 12A8300, 12A8305, 12A8400, 12A8405, 24015SA, 24035SA, 34015HA, 34035HA, 75P5708, 75P5709, 75P5710, 75P5711, X203A11G, X203A21G, X340A11G, X340A21G, X340H11G, X340H21G

Learn how to refill your Lexmark E232-series cartridge to save 80% and benefit the environment. Refilling this cartridge is very clean and easy. Just watch this video and learn how!

Post time: May-10-2017


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