How to Refill Lexmark 26 cartridges the easy way!

I do not own a Lexmark prnter BUT I do own a Primera Bravo Disc Printer that happens to use equivalent Lexmar #16 ( Black ) and #26 ( CMY ) cartridges. The difference between them is one clever little color ( half tone pattern ) decal that the printer’s laser reads and authenticates. Without that you cannot use store bought Lexmark 16 / 26 and have to use Primera’s super expencive versions of the same.

To defeat that I have VERY carefully removed by “Steaming” the very fragile bar code decal and attached it to a piece of heavy mylar. I trimmed it so that I can double sticky tape it to eh corresponding OEM position on the replacement Lexmark carts. The printer sees them as OEM Primera. Great!

I purchased a set of ten each spent but never refillied empties from Ebay and in this video I demonstrate how I go about refilling these carts with some refilling tools from a couple of companies using OCP inks for Lexmark 16 / 26 carts.

For those who want the images to print the bar codes for the Bravo II, join this Yahoo group.

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Post time: May-03-2019
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