How to Refill A Brother TN-350 Toner Cartridge – A Quick and Easy DIY

I thought I’d see just how easy it is to refill a toner cartridge, and whether it’s worth the trouble. In my case, yes it was worth it! I saved over 60 bucks on buying a new Brother OEM toner cartridge. The print quality is fine for our uses at home. And it kept our old printer going strong.

It can be messy if you’re not careful. You have been warned! This being my first attempt, I’d be even more careful to be neat about it on the next go-round, having seen just how easy it would be to make a huge mess. But on the upside, it also cleans up easily from counters and/or wood floors. I wouldn’t risk spilling it on carpet….

I’d suggest searching YouTube for instructions on how to refill your exact cartridge model. I found several videos for my specific cartridge, so I imagine you will find one for your model.

Ain’t YouTube great?

Resources for my project:

Mike Russel’s tutorial on spooky voiceover effects in Adobe Audition:

Another tutorial on refilling this cartridge:

Here’s where I bought the refill kit:

You need to know whether you’re refilling a “starter” cartridge or a replacement cartridge. Mine was a replacement cartridge, not a starter. If it’s a starter cartridge that came with the printer when you bought it, it doesn’t come with the reset gear and you’ll have to buy a toner kit that includes the reset gear for the Brother TN-350 cartridge. You can still refill the cartridge, you just have to install the reset gear.

Post time: Nov-23-2019
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