How to print photos with PrintFab RIP on the EPSON PRO 3800 Printer

I’ve tried using Print Fab BETA for Windows several times in the past few years but always gravitated back to simply using my editing software and either paper manufacturer or custom made ICC profiles for my many printers. I was never able to get the print quality I was already getting from my normal work flow.

The one thing that has always been of interest when it comes to Print Fab is that it basically has no limit on the length of the print one could make. So any panoramic length in possible. Where as the normal EPSON or CANON printer driver has maximum limitations for length which often is much shorter that what one might need.

Now that was never my reason for trying Print Fab. I was simply trying to find out whether I could print as good a print or better than I could using my regular Drivers and ICC profiles.

In the last several weeks I’ve decided to give it one more chance. I downloaded the latest as of January 2015 and have figured out how to get the best prints I have been able to obtain from my PRO 3800 and Canon PRO-100 without ANY ICC profiles.

I will post more videos and info on how to use PRINT FAB as I am still learning it’s many features and it is still only a BETA version for Windows. There is a way to create ICC profiles for PRINT FAB and if I do go that route I will post my results here.
But now I am still in the very early learning stage!

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Post time: Apr-30-2017


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