How to make ID card for company employees in seconds

In this descriptive video you’ll learn, how to generate employee ID cards by using various designing and printing features of DRPU ID Card Maker Application as shown.
You’ll see here, how to stat designing ID card either via wizard or template or open with existing label format and more.
Watch this video to learn, how to design card either by setting card shape (ellipse or round rectangle or rectangle), setting size of card, adjusting card category and more.
Video demonstrate here, how to add user details by inserting text on card (setting text properties like font type or size or color), how to browse and add library images or photographs or watermarks or signature, how to add text properties (like font type or color or size), how to add barcode by designing it with barcode properties and more.
In this informative tutorial we show you, how to adjust printing features like setting paper dimension or orientation, adjusting margins, printer name, paper used and more.
We show you, how to use Laser Printer for printing, how to use paper cutter or other cutting tools for paper cutting, how to use lamination machine or pouch to laminate designed ID card, how to use Punch Plier for punching designed ID cards as shown.
Media Used: Printing Sheets
Printer Used: Laser Printer
Tool Used: Lamination Machine, Punch Plier, Punching Machine
Software Used: DRPU ID Card Designing Software

Post time: Jun-23-2017


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