How to make Clear Glass PCBs

***NOTE*** This process has changed over the last few years. Please see the new video here: it shows the updated process!

This is a video on how I make my clear glass PCBs. I’ll be making a blog post sooner or later with more detail.

***ADDED*** Here’s the source file + (PCB/SCH (For ExpressPCB)) and the PDFs of them.


UV Glue: (GM689)
Copper: You can buy this — but I’m worried since there aren’t may left, so you can just ask and I’ll send you a sheets for $5/ea + shipping.

Microscope slides:

Also, link to the micro tiny isp programmer thing: (It’s in the Touch5 Folder)

Nimrod hall copper is available here: look under pre-cut sheets

Post time: Jun-16-2017


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