How to install FMCB (Free Mc Boot) on SCPH-9000x

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In this video i’m going to show you how to install FMCB on scph-9000x and how to boot FMCB Ulauncher from FMCB Memory card Even FMCB is not booting ( no disc needed )

Sorry this video won’t work because the method to boot FMCB’s uLE was working for me because i have installed modchip on my PS2 (DMS4 1.0 S.E) for other Modchips there is another method to boot uLE, anyways if you have a modchip you can boot uLE or any “Elf” by placing a elf file renaming to “BOOT.ELF” and create a “BOOT” folder on memory card #1 and place the BOOT.ELF on boot folder…

Thanks to SKSAPPS for pointing out my mistake

For DMS4 its “Triangle”


Atleast start Ulauncher for FMCB installition
USB w/ FAT Type support
FMCB noobie package 1.8b


My console

Date-Code – 8D
Bios Version – 2.30 (via BIOS dump)
Yes its a moded PS2 ( DMS4 1.0 SE Lite ` In this video ` ) [Currently - Modbo 4 ]

Post time: Sep-15-2017


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