How to get a Dell 3100cn network printer working in windows 8 / 10! may works on other dell printers

So you have a Dell 3100cn and every time you try to print it crashes what you are doing or just wont work. There is a way to make it work. download the dell Open Print driver and install it. if you are using it as a network printer you will need to know your printers IP address.

driver download from dell

Now i am using mine as a network printer hooked up to a router! you can set up an IP address on the printer from the buttons on the front. I am not sure if this will work using a usb cable.

Dells download page doesn’t list this printer as working but it does work but you have to know your printers IP address. it may work for other printers not on the list. I don’t have them to test but i do know it works on the 3100cn. if you have another printer not on the list and this makes it work. leave a comment of what model you have and if it worked or not.

There maybe a newer dell generic driver by now but i haven’t tried it, why fix what isn’t broken.

Post time: Aug-25-2019
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