How to fix PS4 Bluray DVD drive error- cannot read game disc, dead, not ejecting

Easy ways to fix PS4 DVD Bluray drive problems service guide- cannot reading game disc, dead, not ejecting, enter PS4 safe mode –…
PS4 USB update hard drive upgrade-…
PS4 bluray drive-
CE-35486-6 fix- unplug USB cable
CE-32883-4 fix- Turn off the PS4 and restart the system
CE-35888-2 DVD drive error fix- PS4 main board cannot detect original dvd board, if installed new DVD drive then use original DVD board off bad dvd drive on new dvd drive.
first try unplug PS4 powercord for full 15 minutes then insert disc when you see blinking light,
next try holding eject for 15 seconds,
next try cleaning bluray slot,
next try enter safe mode to reset ps4,
lastly try replace bluray drive.

Post time: Nov-01-2017


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