Hotel Safe Hack

When I got into my room the safe was locked. I couldn’t find any hacks on the internet for this model safe. There’s no reset button on the back of the door and slapping the top of the safe did nothing. There is a modular connector (like a telephone jack) on the underside of the keypad- I suppose this is for the hotel staff to reset the code if a guest locks themselves out. The great thing about keypads is there is almost always a key combination that opens some hidden menus. One clue to this was that the safe only accepts four digits for a code, however the display has enough room for six.

To open the closed safe, press and hold the LOCK button until the battery indication appears. While holding it down, press the ZERO key a few times until SUPER appears in the display. Now let go of the LOCK key and press all nines until they fill the display. The safe should now open.

Post time: Nov-12-2017


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