HC maker 7 Build and Review

GearBest has kindly send me a 3D printer for review, it is the HCmaker7 which has a build volume of 310 x 310 x 410 and features Cartesian kinematics (It looks like a CR10 Clone, but then thats like a Prusa I3 so a very familiar design),

Check them out here https://goo.gl/NSFb6w

This is the first partial kit I will review from GearBest, , it requires 6 screws and plug in the electrics and your done (Aside from the calibration steps, tramming the bed, verifying the extruded feed rate) Due to the the mostly assembled nature of this model, it is ideal for the beginner that knows little about mechanical or electrical things and it is very hard to go wrong.

Oh, the calibration stuff would be needed no matter the printer, kit or fully assembled so dont think that is a con for this printer, it is not.

The printer was sent to me FOC, but this review will still remain unbiased and honest so dont think I will hide things from you if I find any issues, you will know about it.

In this video I summarize my experience with the build and what I plan to do with the printer next to improve it . The web says it takes 10Mins to assemble, I did it in 8 including electrical so that’s good

Right off the bat, this printer needs upgrades to the heat bed to be able to cope with ABS as it tops out at 80 Deg even though it is using a 24V power supply, also it has a common fan for part cooling and hot end cooling so it runs 100% all the time, this will adversely affect some prints but it looks like it will be an easy thing to modify later. The only other issue I found so far was the way it gets filament to the head, this needs to be improved some how and I will look at this when I work on upgrades, you will see in the video. It works well enough and my first prints came out pretty good considering I have not yet done an Extrude calibration or tuned in my slicer setting for this printer.

I have not been able to find any schematics regarding the control board, an HJC2560-C rev 1.0, I am pretty sure it uses DRV8825 driver chips is it suffers the salmon effect on prints that are talked about online right now and I will investigate how best to fix this in a separate video. it also is running Marlin so should be easy to update firmware once I find out specifics on the board.

If you want one of these printers from GearBest, follow this link https://goo.gl/XmYWH9

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