GameCube Region Switch – Japan to US tutorial

Tutorial on how to setup a simple region switch on a Nintendo GameCube. With this installation you are free to go back-and-forth between American and Japanese games. Great for collectors who switch between the two frequently. Note: Game Boy games and Game Boy Player hardware are region free. The Start-up disc is not.

Time Index:
0:50 System tear down
5:31 Soldering locations
7:00 Switch installation
8:52 Memory Card formatting

Stuff used:
30W Soldering iron w/ narrow tip
30AWG wire
DPDT Submini (In case I do a LED mod later)
Hot-melt adhesive (for mounting switch)
4.5MM Gamebit driver
Philips head

Further reading:

Musical arrangement by NightshadeZero

Post time: May-11-2017


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