For Ricoh Sp100, Sp105, Sp111, SP 101S Sp200, Sp300 Laser Printer Toner Refilling cbt

Description for Gps Toner Cartridge For Ricoh Sp-100, Sp-100Su, Sp-100Sf Black
Use Instructions: 1. Please make sure the printer is working properly before install the toner. Please switch off the power when you take off or install the toner. 2. Open the front cover and take out the used toner cartridges. 3. Unpack the new toner cartridge. Gently rock the toner cartridge from side to side to distribute the toner. 4. Pull the sealing tape from the end of toner cartridge to remove the entire length of tape. 5. Please do not touch the OPC by hand and avoid the OPC was scrapped. 6. Position the toner cartridge with the arrow pointing into the printer and side the cartridge into the printer. Then close the top cover. Customer Service: 1. Before ordering, please select GAJANAN below the Price, then click Ask a question to contact us any question. 2. If you have any problem when you use the product, please log in your Amazon Buyer Account Click Your AccountYour Orders Find your order and click ‘Contact Seller’. We will provide you technical and general customer support less than 24 hours.

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