Epson WorkForce WF-3640 Printer – Usage Tips

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TECH TIP: Epson 252 Ink Cartridges – Workforce Printer Usage Tips:

When Epson 252 original ink cartridges, which have NOT been refilled yet, are installed into the #Epson #WorkForce #WF3640 printer and ink is available for use, no error messages should be displayed.

#T252120-S (Black)
T252220-S (Cyan)
T252320-S (Magenta)
T252420-S (Yellow)
T252XL120-S (Black High Capacity)
T252XL220-S (Cyan High Capacity)
T252XL320-S (Magenta High Capacity)
T252XL420-S (Yellow High Capacity)

When the Epson original #cartridge has used about 80% of its #ink, typically you will observe a caution flag or alert message for the cartridge that is running low on ink.

When the Epson original cartridge is completely exhausted, you will observe a “Replace Cartridges” message, or similar, along with a RED X display indication for the cartridge that is empty and out of ink.

At this point you may bring your Epson 252 or 252XL (high capacity) ink cartridge into any of our ink #refill locations for #refilling, just contact us at for refill center locations.

After you have refilled an Epson 252 ink cartridge and you install it into your printer, your printer or computer may display an ink alert message, such as “remanufactured”, “non-genuine cartridge”, or similar alert message. Press Proceed, Continue, Accept, Yes or OK to dismiss this prompt.

In some cases you may have to scroll over using the printer’s arrow keys to dismiss the alerts. Additional alerts may be displayed the first time you go to print or copy — dismiss the alerts accordingly to resume normal print operations.

Your printer should now be ready for printing with all ink levels indicating an adequate amount of ink to support normal printing. No error messages should be displayed at this point.

NOTE: if you had an Epson 252 or 252XL ink cartridge refilled, and upon installation into the printer, you immediately observe “Unrecognized Cartridge” or “Replace Cartridge” error message appears (for example, a Red X alert indication), then return the ink cartridge to the refill store to have the cartridge re-programmed (chip reset) and weighed.

When refilled Epson 252 & 252XL cartridges eventually run out of ink following normal printing usage, which could be anywhere between a week to several months on average, the respective cartridge will now display “Ink cartridges cannot be recognized” or “Cannot Recognize The Following Cartridges…Try Installing Them Again” alert messages, this is COMPLETELY NORMAL behavior for refilled 252 ink cartridges which are completely out of ink and have reached the empty state.

Unlike brand new Epson 252 cartridges, they will NOT display the typical “Replace Cartridges” message. When this unusual error condition occurs, signifying the refilled cartridge is actually empty, return the cartridge for refilling.

The error message will disappear upon refilled cartridge re-installation into the printer and normal printing may resume.

However, if you continue to observe “Unrecognized Cartridge” or “Replace Cartridge” error messages (for example, a Red X alert indication) despite having the cartridge refilled and RESET (reprogrammed) by your refiller, it is suggested to check the cartridge’s chip contact surfaces for ink residue and cleanliness.

Gently clean cartridge chip contacts with a damp lint-free towel to remove ink residue (use isopropyl alcohol).

If any streaks or missing colors appear on prints, initiate a “Head Cleaning” or “Nozzle Check” from the printer or computer’s maintenance menu to help clean the PRINTHEAD, as necessary.

For information on Epson ink refill services at a major retailer located near you (and should you wish to save around 50% on ink costs and support the environment) or if you are seeking advanced Epson printer problem resolutions, please visit (English), (French), or (Spanish).

If a refill center is not located near you and you wish to purchase remanufactured ink cartridges from our partner Inkplicity, please visit: Enter code SAVE15 for an additional 15% off ink orders.

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