Epson SureColor P600 ProHD Continuous Ink System from Marrutt

John shows the NEW Marrutt ProHD inks for the Epson SureColor P600 inkjet printer, using a 200ml reservoir continuous ink system for high volume applications, which has just passed quality assurance approvals. A smaller 100ml reservoir CIS is also available for moderate usage.
This demo shows a unique advantage of the P600 when converting to CIS; you can change over one colour at a time, so you use every last drop of Epson ink that comes with your new printer!

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See below the text of our new Introductory P600 CIS Video, which is in production now:-

“This is the NEW Marrutt continuous ink system for Epson’s most popular photographic inkjet printer; the SureColor P600, which is a great colour and black & white machine, with excellent Wi-Fi and Cloud
connect ability – capable of stunning prints from 3 1/2” x 5” right up to 13” x 19” (A3+), and will perform panoramic printing up to 10 feet long using 13” roll paper!
Just about the only criticism I have is that the genuine Epson cartridge cost makes high-volume printing ridiculously expensive on this printer:-
Printing an A4 or US letter sized borderless photographic print uses around 1ml of ink, costing around a pound or one and a half dollars per print!
Using Marrutt ProHD Professional Photographic Pigment Inks with this continuous ink system reduces your A4 or US letter sized borderless photographic print cost to less than a quarter of that! – this means that your A4 or US letter sized borderless print will cost around 20p or 30 cents!
The Marrutt ProHD inks give you similar print appearance and longevity, with an excellent surface durability and scratch resistance.
Marrutt ProHD inks are fully plug & play, which allows you to print successfully through any image editing application to a good basic standard, without the need for printer profiles – this allows you to use the Epson iPrint application for Cloud printing (SHOW PHONE) and print directly from your smartphone via Wi-Fi – (awesome quality, incidentally up to 5” x 7” I would say)
For high-end professional photographers and print workers, we provide FREE X-Rite customer printer profiles for your favourite papers, and provide FREE regular colour check-ups to keep your colour, density, neutrals and flesh-tones absolutely perfect to true professional photographic output standard in colour and monochrome.
This continuous ink system is available in two reservoir capacities – the 200ml size shown here, which allows a massive 1.8 Litre total bulk ink supply for high-volume printing applications (the starter kit for this size system is supplied with 250ml of ProHD Marrutt Professional Photographic Pigment Inks per colour) – ideal for busy labs, studios, wedding photographers producing their own albums , production print outlets – anyone who runs their Epson SC P600 daily at high print volumes.
The smaller 100ml size reservoir continuous ink system shown here (SHOW SYSTEM) allows nearly a Litre of total bulk ink supply for moderate weekly print volumes (the starter kit for this sized system is supplied with either 125ml or 60ml of ProHD Marrutt Professional Photographic Inks per colour) – ideal for keen camera club print workers, pro photographers and enthusiast photographers, as well as numerous general purpose print applications – anyone who runs their Epson SC P600 weekly at moderate print volumes.
For those of you who want the economy of the Marrutt ProHD Inks but only print quite low print quantities weekly, I would recommend that you look at our refillable cartridge system starter kits, which deliver the same economy and print performance in a easy to use refill cartridge format.

Thank you for watching!”

Post time: May-07-2017


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