e-STUDIO 2500c/3500c/3510c Error CF90 P2

Procedure for applying grease on the worm gear:
1. Open the front cover and turn the TBU lifting lever to the12 o’clock position.
2. Remove the cyan and black EPUs and apply a small tear-size amount of grease (Molykote 100 — PN 4400545160) to the metal worm gear indicated by the arrow.
3. Make sure that the grease is applied evenly across the gear, to prevent the grease from migrating as the gear rotates.
Check the operation of the shutter unit in Test Mode 03.
5. With the front door open, insert a jig to activate the front door switch.
6. Power on the machine while pressing 0 and 3. Using the 03-417 code, check the proper operation of the shutter unit.
7. When the shutter is activated, you may hear the sound of the gears un-meshing. This is normal as the gear teeth are made not to mesh to prevent the motor from locking.
8. If a CF90 still occurs, see the additional troubleshooting suggestions in the Service Handbook.

Post time: Jul-08-2018
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