Difference between Samsung Toner Cartridge MLTD209L and Samsung Toner Cartridge MLTD209S

Visit at https://www.tonerparts.com/samsung-mlt-d209l-oem-toner-cartridge-black-scx-4828-scx-4826-mltd209l-5k.html , https://www.tonerparts.com/samsung-mlt-d209s-oem-toner-cartridge-black-scx-4828-scx-4826-mltd209s-2k.html – See the difference between Samsung MLTD209L and MLTD209S cartridges. This is the MLTD209L, which stands for Large Capacity. It is easy to tell the difference as the L version has an extended tank. The MLTD209L is a better value, as it will approximately about 5,000 pages while the MLTD209S or the standard cartridge only prints about 2,500. For more information please visit us at www.tonerparts.com

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