Commodore SX-64 Faults & Fixes

In this video you can see amateur repairs performed upon the Commodore SX-64 Executive Computer involving the SID, PLA, Graphics Memory, Keyboard Cable, Disc Drive. (CLICK SHOW MORE..)
There’s also a bit of entertainment.
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The soldering iron kit I bought Amazon UK
Short Male to Female 25 Pin Ribbon Cable
Epyx Fast Load Cartridge:
All three Seasons of Halt & Catch Fire can be seen on Amazon Prime in the UK:
I anticipate one comment may be suggestions that I could use a C64 emulator instead – and if that’s what you want to do, then there’s nothing stopping you, go and have some fun. My preference is to use the original hardware, because I’m as interested in the hardware as I am in the software that runs on it.

And pleeeeeeese, no more electronics tips….I read the same ones on all the videos whenever I show a circuit board… desoldering guns, hot air, desoldering wick, desoldering braid, where to cut the legs, the heat of the soldering iron, where to hold the iron, how long to hold it, what type of rosin solder to use, tin the tip, use flux, use flux off, use IPA…etc etc etc etc….I understand you want to help, and thanks for that…but in reality it’s all just a bit off-putting. The issue is that I’M JUST NOT VERY GOOD AT IT…and no amount of repeating that back to me will make me brilliant at it…it’s just like a hundred dads shouting at a kid playing football (soccer) that he’s rubbish at it and they were much better at it than him and he should try curving the ball into the net rather than falling over his own feet all the time. He’s not going to get better…he’s going to decide he doesn’t like football as it’s no fun….and stay at home to play on his Spectrum instead.
So just relax…soldering only takes up 30 seconds of this 25 minute video…just try and enjoy the rest. By the way…the soldering worked out fine anyway.

UPDATE – since 98% of the comments posted are about soldering – it seems like I’m in the minority in not being interested in the subject. Looks like there’s a great opportunity here for someone to start a soldering chat website (…but it won’t be me).

3D Printed SX-64 Keyboard Cable. – so here’s a thing, there is a 3D model for a SX-64 cable on Thingverse…now whilst I don’t have a 3D printer, you can click a button to ‘order this printed’ – so I did…paid the money, and a couple of days later I get a refund with the message ‘this design cannot be printed’ – so that’s the end of that story.

Hey why not use a Gender Changer?…because it doesn’t work. I tried one and the pins don’t extend far enough to connect with the connectors in the keyboard….I then tried to cut it down and it disintegrated…so No, Gender Changers Don’t Work

This video is a month of real time condensed into a few minutes…there’s lots of things not in here…a full hour of desoldering…three different cables….waiting for chips in the post, what you see is the stuff worth showing…the boring frustrating unsuccessful dead-ends aren’t in the video for reasons of entertainment.

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