Canon Pixma MP270 Printer Reset Procedure (210, 211 Ink Cartridges)

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After replacing a Canon 210, 210XL, 211 or 211XL ink cartridge with a refilled ink cartridge and you observe an alert message that says “Ink has run out,” or flashing control panel lights, then you need to reset the printer to override the ink counter. Each Canon cartridge has a smart chip that recognizes when the ink has run low.

To reset the Canon cartridge low ink alert message(s), press and hold the Stop or Stop/Resume button (triangle-circle button) for 5-8 seconds until the printer’s ink monitoring lights stop flashing and error codes are no longer displayed. If the printer’s ink cartridge indicators flash, blink or printer displays a letter or numerical error code, then the ink cartridge may be electrically damaged and may need to be replaced.

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Post time: Nov-04-2019
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