Canon PGI-1500 PGI-2500 refillable cartridges for Maxify printer

Refillable cartridges with autoreset chip and fill port suitable for PGI-2500 or PGI-1500 make Your Canon Maxify printer easy to refill. Thanks to the reset chip there are ink level related information and messages available.

PGI-1500 refillable cartridges:

PGI-2500 refillable cartridges:

Refill ink quantity PGI-1500 refillable Fill In cartridges
35 ml PGI-1500 BLACK
12 ml PGI-1500 Cyan Magenta Yellow

Refill ink quantity PGI-2500 refillable Fill In cartridges
70 ml PGI-2500 BLACK
20 ml PGI-2500 Cyan Magenta Yellow

Post time: Jun-30-2017


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