Canon inkjet printers: how to reset the Waste Ink Counter

Resetting the waste ink absorber on a Canon printer can resolve some error codes that appear when turning it on. How to solve the full waste ink pad error message on Canon printers.

- Make sure the printer is turned off.
- Press and hold the Resume button (triangle inside a circle).
- Whilst it is held down, hold down the Power button. The green led light should come on.
- Keep the Power button held down. Release the Resume button.
- Press the resume button twice. Some lights on the control panel will blink.
- Release the Power button.
- When the light is green, Press the Resume button four times and then press the Power button straight after to confirm the selected action (Reset Counter Absorber).
- The printer will turn off.
- Turn the printer on again.
- The counter should be reset

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Post time: Jul-29-2018
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