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Contact us at to find your nearest ink refill center location (i.e. Costco USA/Canada/Mexico/UK, Frys Electronics USA, Sams Club, University Bookstores, etc.) and you’ll save around 50% on ink costs, on average, vs. buying a new ink cartridge. Supported Canon 270/271 ink cartridges:

Canon PGI-270 Black
Canon PGI-271 Cyan
Canon PGI-271 Magenta
Canon PGI-271 Yellow
Canon PGI-271 Photo Black
Canon PGI-270XL Black
Canon PGI-271XL Cyan
Canon PGI-271XL Magenta
Canon PGI-271XL Yellow
Canon PGI-271XL Photo Black

If you have never refilled your cartridges before, the process is simple and usually takes less an hour. In addition to the money savings it is good for the environment since you get to reuse your ink cartridge over and over.

Supported Printer Models include:

Refilling your Canon 270, 271, 270XL or 271XL ink cartridges allows you to re-use your ink cartridges over and over which saves on ink costs and supports the environment by reducing land fill.

NOTE: Grey ink cartridge NOT supported for refilling.

Since the cartridge’s smart chip was NOT replaced during ink refilling, after the refilled ink cartridge is installed into the printer, you will observe various low ink and nuisance error messages, including red X warnings – this is completely NORMAL and you can simply bypass the various alert messages by pressing the Stop/Resume button for 5 seconds.

The printer will NOT be able to track the refilled ink cartridge ink levels. The ink level indicator will falsely signal empty. As you just returned from your refill store, your refilled ink cartridges are not empty.

Your printer or computer will display ink alert messages, such as “remaining ink cannot be correctly detected” or “printing under the current condition may damage the printer”. Press “OK”, “Yes” or “Close” to dismiss alert prompts, or press “OK” on the printer.

Instead, press both the “OK” and “Stop/Resume” buttons (down arrow/triangle-circle) on your printer, for 5-8 seconds, until the low ink indicator goes out, the power light stops blinking and/or the printer resumes printing.

After the low ink, empty and nuisance messages are bypassed, ink tracking will no longer be available…the refilled cartridge ink level tracking icons will appear greyed out or empty – this is NORMAL when using refilled ink cartridges.

You may continue to print until the print quality fades. If you are unsure which color is fading or empty, activate the printer’s internal self test print to evaluate which color, or colors, is currently out.

To help maintain printhead health, it is suggested to print on a regular basis using all colors, perhaps once or twice a week – this will become more important as the printer ages.

For more information on Canon ink cartridge refilling, retail refill locations or advanced Canon printer problem resolutions, please visit (English), (French), or (Spanish).

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