Can anyone help me with this Samsung printer problem? (FIXED!! October2012 – see link)

Update: October 2012


I bought this Samsung CLP-350N printer about 3 years ago and had problems with from after the first few months. I hardly ever used it as I would get stressed out trying to get it to print a single page. Every page used to result in a ‘paper jam’. Actually, the page failed to make it out of the tray.

I have spent loads of time on it over the last 3 years. I’ve tried all the usual things.
* Updated printer firmware
* Cleaned rollers
* Bought three different types of paper (surely this printer cannot be ‘that’ fussy can it?). I don’t want to waste more money trying a fourth type to find it still doesn’t work!

I am IT literate as I work in this industry, so I do have an idea how to solve this type of situation, but I’ve run out of ideas.

This printer was bought online, and thought that returning it would be too expensive considering it’s weight, but didn’t consider that Samsung would send someone out to repair it direct under the warrantee.
An authorised Samsung dealer wants £110 to come and repair it.

I’d be grateful if anyone can help me here!? I’m almost considering throwing it away and starting again with a new one, but I bought it at £240 and it’s only printed about 100 pages successfully, I want to get it working again!

MANY THANKS for any suggestions.

Post time: May-27-2018
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