Bringing RFID to Electronics with Impinj Monza X Chips

At the recent RFID Journal Live event, Impinj and Intel jointly introduced the Monza® X family of UHF Gen 2 RFID tag chips designed specifically for electronics. Developed in close collaboration with Intel, Impinj’s Monza® X-2K Dura and Monza® X-8K Dura bring many new benefits for electronics manufacturers, end users and retailers. Monza X chips link to a device’s processor through a standard I2C bus, enabling the processor or a UHF reader to read or write the Monza X chip’s memory.

In a webinar on June 27th, Impinj discussed how RFID solutions providers and electronics manufacturers can use Monza X tag chips to deliver new capabilities such as theft deterrence in the supply chain, wireless device configuration, sensor data loggers and electronic shelf tags. QuikQ, a software development company dedicated to improving the trucking industry’s fuel transactions, also discussed how they are using the Monza X chips to monitor engine data and maintenance information for Class 8 trucks.

Featured Speakers

Nikhil Deulkar, Monza Sr. Product Line Manager — Impinj
Vince Peschio, Vice President/General Manager — QuikQ

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Post time: May-13-2017


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