Audities – More interesting & unusual recordings

The First Commercial Album Release on Elcaset.
A Clockwork Orange replica Tape.
Old Recordings about weight & teeth.
Endless Loop mini Album.
….and my small contribution to a Hiphop album.

1) ELCASET & Jeremy Heiden & DCC
Dr DCC repairing my DCC175

Elcaset Album on ebay

2) Clockwork Orange Replica Tape (links to the ebay seller’s current items)

3) Progressica Prolog Endless Loop Tape

4) Jazz Spastiks

My earlier videos referred to in this video.

DCC & Elcaset
Stereo Microcassette
Endless Loop Tape
RCA Tape Cartridge

Teeth Tape
I am not making the full audio of the video available for privacy reasons…the full names of some people are mentioned on it.

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Over Time – Vibe Tracks

——Outro Sound Effect——
ThatSFXGuy –

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