ATG ALU-FIX Alloy Wheels Repair – Kit rim repair set

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ATG ALU-FIX DIY repairs like the pros

✔ Rim can remain attached to the car during the repairs

✔ Special filling compound is heat-resistant up to 130° C

✔ Car rim remains vibration- and car wash-proof after repairs

The 11-part repair set contains:

· 2 x plastic trowel

· 1 x 10 ml aluminum silver-metallic touch-up stick

· 1 x cleaning cloth, 2 x alcohol-based cleaning cloths

· 1 pair of rubber gloves

· 1 x sandpaper rough, 1 x sandpaper fine

· 1 x 16 g rim kit, resealable

· 1 x detailed instruction manual

The perfect look in just a few steps:


1. ATTENTION: ALU-FIX is not suitable for larger damages or even cracks in the rim. Then you must exchange the rim for a new one. The ALU-FIX is very suitable for smaller damages, for example, the classic curb-repellers and scratches!

2. First clean the aluminum or steel rim with a rim cleaner. We recommend you our highly effective wheel cleaner ATG104. Work best at your vehicle outdoors in the shade. Rinse well with water and allow the rim to dry well.

3. Then straighten any unevenness in the damaged area and remove any dirt or dirt on the rough side of the coarse abrasive paper. Cover the edges with the cover strip so that you do not scratch the rim.

4. Wipe the spot with the enclosed fine water sandpaper. Then clean the repair area with the alcohol cleaning cloth well and then dry well with a soft cloth.

5. Now remove the seal of the double-chamber cartridge with a pair of scissors and press the required amount of the repair compound, the so-called rim-KITT, into a suitable container, for example into the packaging of our ALU-FIX.

6. Replace the lid on the dual chamber cartridge to re-use the rim KITT for the next repair. Mix the two components well with the plastic spatula until they become a gray mass.

7. Fill the rim KITT with the plastic spatula in the damage and top up easily. Not too much, because you have to grind everything back afterwards! Please proceed as soon as the rim-KITT becomes hard after approx. 4-6 minutes, depending on the temperature and humidity.

8. Allow the rim KITT to cure thoroughly for about 1 hour.

9. Now match the hard rim KITT with the coarse and the fine abrasive paper to the contours of the rim. Grind diligently and down to make it look as good as possible. Please cover the edge areas with the cover strip beforehand so that you do not scratch the rim.

10. Clean the finished ground rim KITT dry with the alcohol cleaning cloth and a clean soft cloth.

11. Apply the silver rim paint / aluminum silver metallic paint pencil, with the built-in brush, thinly and evenly on the rim-KITT / the repair site. If the rim paint does not match the color of your rim, please get a suitable lacquer from your dealer, e.g. in the color black.

12. Allow the paintwork to dry for about 1-2 hours before restarting your vehicle. Finished!

Note: Read the instructions carefully before use.

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