AquaBliss High Output Universal Shower Filter

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A New Level of Hygiene
The AquaBliss SF220 Shower Filter features a 3-Stage Filtration System guaranteed to purify your shower water at any temperature. It removes chlorine and other harmful impurities, traps heavy metals, and inhibits the growth of organic substances such as bacteria and fungi. You will immediately notice that the water feels softer, soaps and shampoos lather up better, and the chlorine odor is gone!

Greatly Reduces Chlorine Levels
Utility companies add chlorine to your water supply to kill bacteria. But this chlorine is bad news – it causes dry and flaky skin, brittle, damaged hair, and inexplicable fatigue. Especially when unfiltered
hot water turns to steam, and vast amounts of chlorine enter the body via skin pores and inhalation. Prolonged exposure to chlorinated water could then lead to respiratory illness, skin disorders and other serious health risks.

3-Stage Filtration System for both Hot and Cold Showers
The SF220 uses a proprietary mixture of KDF-55, Active Carbon and Calcium Sulfite to filter the water. KDF-55 works particularly well in purifying the water at higher temperatures. Activated Carbon removes chlorine and other impurities in lower water temperatures. Calcium Sulfite is extremely effective at removing chlorine in both hot and cold temperatures.

Easy DIY No-Tools Installation and Replaceable Cartridge Filter
The SF220 has universal connections that easily and securely fit your standard fixed shower, hand-held shower or shower combo. The shower filter cartridge lasts six to eight months (or after 10,000 – 12,000 gallons of water use) before it needs changing, to ensure optimal performance.


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Post time: May-19-2017


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