A not so well known secret about CANON printers

CANON Pro Printers do not hardly ever clog.
Well, if you did all of the cleaning cycles these printer will run before you print on an EPSON, they would not clog as often either.

Every 60 continuous hours of non use will trigger a cleaning cycle before printing.

Waste ink goes directly into the waste pads and you can not replace them yourself.

So run you CANON PRO printers at least before that magic 60 hour limit and you will forget what a self initiated cleaning cycles is.
But I will use up more ink and ink cost $$$$!
Wrong, you will waste more $$$$ by not doing so.
Cleanings cost YOUR $$$$!

I run a small purge sheet automatically through QIMAGE Ultimate every 55 hours. It hardly uses ink and even after a month’s worth, of purge sheets, it uses less ink that a cleaning cycle.

Please watch: “EPSON P800 Chip Decoder unfortunately DID NOT WORK!”


Post time: Nov-01-2017


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