8-Bit HD NES Clone Console Review – $29 / 720p HDMI output vs.

Buy it on Amazon – http://lon.tv/t2eux (affiliate link) – The $29 8-Bit HD is a hardware based NES clone console that outputs to HD televisions for only $29. It comes with two controllers and works with original NES controllers too. See more NES clones: http://lon.tv/nesclones and subscribe! http://lon.tv/s

00:49 – Hardware overview and price
00:57 – Build quality, cartridge slot damaged already
01:15 – Comes with two controllers
01:44 – Does not work with zapper on CRT
01:58 – Buttons and ports
02:15 – NES Cartridges need to be very clean
02:36 – No PAL compatibility
02:50 – Tight grip on carts
03:00 – Does not work with flash carts
03:36 – Gameplay: Batman
03:40 – Uses a Nintendo NES on a chip
04:04 – Locked at 16:9 widescreen over HDMI
04:41 – Color and game accuracy to the original NES
04:53 – Sound accuracy to the original NES
05:30 – Real NES audio sample
05:57 – Controller Button latency / lag
07:27 – Conclusion and comparison to Hyperkin RetroN 1 HD

All in this console does provide a decent value, delivering a HD capable NES clone for $10 less than its nearest competitor the Hyperkin RetroN 1 HD. It even comes with a second controller for the $29 price tag.

See some captured footage here:

See the Hyperkin review here:


But it falls short of the Hyperkin in a few areas. First the console only outputs widescreen, relying on the individual HD television to try and restore it to its original aspect ratio (the Hyperkin has a toggle switch for selecting aspect ratios). It also is not built as well, with my review unit having a bent pin in its cartridge slot and a overall less quality build for both the console and its controllers.

While both support output to traditional CRT televisions the 8-Bit does not work with the Zapper light gun. The Hyperkin will work with the zapper on a traditional television.

But neither console is perfect. I recommend the RetroUSB AVS for those looking for a more true NES experience. But if you’re on a budget you certainly can’t beat the price here.

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Post time: Jul-06-2017


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