This video shows that is possible 3D printing with BULK filament for 3D Systems Cube ( 2nd gen ) with 2.07 software.

No chips needed, no arduino’s, no plastic parts.. I only used a toilet paper holder from Leroy Merlin, and a 1.75mm 1Kg Coil PLA from REPRAP PT , that have in reality 1.68mm in this RED Color ( it varies with colors ).

It took me 9.99€ in the coil holder, and 19.90€ in the 1kg PLA

Guide by Dan :

1) make sure you insert a cartridge which contains available filament into the cartridge slot. This is to trick the printer into allowing you to select a file to print.
2) start the print as normal. If there “dummy” cartridge you used was nearly empty, you may be warned about insufficient remaining filament. If so confirm your intention to proceed by selecting the “tick” icon.
3) the cube will begin to old the file and heat the extruder. At ANY TIME during this process, select the “stop” button.
4) you will be asked to confirm if you want to abort the print… DON’T select anything.
5) Now remove the “dummy” cartridge from the printer.
6) the cube printer will continue print the object despite the cartridge being removed and importantly, won’t reduce the available filament variable on your dummy cartridge’s chip while it is printing. If you try and do this without pressing the stop button, the sneaky software will force you to replace the cartridge within 30 seconds before aborting the print. ( This guide was writen by DAN on cube3d forum )

Post time: May-01-2018
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