Wafer auto loader for semiconductors inspection microscope

SIL – Wafer loader for semiconductors inspection microscope

Safe, Affordable, Fast and Easy to use. In one word: – S A F E -

SIL wafer autoloader represents the most effective system to automatically load wafers on a microscope.

The system is featured by a powerful computer control with graphical touch screen and an user friendly interface.

Its software includes recipe management to easily switch between different handling configurations like wafer thickness and bow or warpage;

Automatically detecting wafer size, it changes its configuration without any hardware modification
To increase the productivity, it features different wafer selection methods to cover any inspection need. A simple macro inspection can be performed with an optional bright light source .

The immediate wafer access and selection makes the system extremely easy and friendly to use.

It has been designed for Leica Microsystems DM8000 and it can be used with microscopes of several brands like Nikon, Olympus, Zeiss.

SIL8600 loader is now featured by our autorecipe tool, which makes possible to define a new cassette profile with a simple guided operation and without the need of complex setups.

Once done autorecipe, the loader will be able to handle wafers of any thickness from 200μm to 1000μm, by automatically adapting the pickup levels to the real wafer positions as measured by means of laser mapping .

As an option, the system can be equipped with a rotating microscope chuck with a motorized return to the initial position; this allows the handling of wafers without the risk to touch the carrier when placing them back.

It is a compact unit, featured by a structure which makes possible to load wafers on almost any microscope without the need of complex interfaces and without having to change the microscope stage.

Installation and setup times are reduced to the minimum possible.

Main features

- High speed, safe and smooth wafer handling
- PC based controller, Windows 7
- Touch screen interface
- Full set of inspection type come as standard: All wafers, programmed, random and statistical
- Designed for Leica DM8000, compatible with many semiconductor inspection microscopes like Nikon, Olympus, Zeiss
- Cassette laser mapping, wafer protrusion, cross-slot detection and critical handling conditions come as standard safety features
- Basic bright light inspection available as option

Post time: Jun-02-2017


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