Samsung Printer – Help needed :)

Instead of posting my issue in a forum.. I recorded it and hope you have found the answer…

I still had guarantee. I contacted Samsung and returned it to them.

An alternative solution is to scrub the black round thing in the middle. For example scrub it softly with a metal brush. When it gets rough it will grab the paper more easily.

Or order a new black round thing (don’t know the name).


My previous info description before it was fixed:

Oke.. this is the deal. I don’t use my printer often. Lately my printer has trouble ‘eating’ the paper as you can see. I checked the manual and it says nothing about this issue so it could be just me :-S..

I also cleaned the black thing that eats the paper.. what can I do more?

Has anyone ever had this? Your help is much appreciated :)

Thank you

Post time: May-26-2017


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