How to Replace Panasonic KX-FA Toner Cartridge

How to replace Panasonic toner cartridge KX-FAT411E KX-FA87 KX-FAT92 KX-FA83 KX-FA76 KX-FA85 KX-FAR88E for use in laser printers KX-MB1900, KX-MB2000, KX-MB2010, KX-MB2020, KX-MB2025, KX-MB2030, KX-MB2061, KX-MB2062. KX-FLB 801/811/851 KX-MB271, KX-MB781 KX-FL511/541/611, KX-FLM651 KX-FLB758 KX-FLM551 KX-FLB756 KX-FLB801/811/851 KX-FL401 KX-FL401JT W KX-FL402 KX-FL403 KX-FL421 KX-FLC411 KX-FLC412 KX-FLC413

-Open the front cover
-Remove the drum unit.
-Make attention: the drum is photosensitive, the light may damage the drum.
-Do not touch, or scratch, the drum surface.
-Shake the new toner cartridge a few times
-Remove the seal.
-Tap on the used toner cartridge several times to allow the remaining toner to fall into the drum unit before removing.
-Turn the two levers on the used toner cartridge.
-Remove the old cartridge.
-Insert the new toner cartridge. Keep pressing while turning the lever on each side of the toner cartridge. Make sure that the triangles match.
-Close the front cover. The work is done

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