How To Make Thin Sheets Of Beeswax For Foundation, Starter Strips, Candles And Modelling.

Homemade foundation sheets are easy to make and really satisfying too. I just made a new set-up and this shows how I did it. The wax melter has to be big enough (obviously!) and finding something suitable could be your biggest challenge. 100% natural beeswax from our own hives is all I use. No additives at all. The important bit at the end makes all the difference if you want to use this in your hives or for modelling. Brittle wax is nearly useless but when it’s malleable then you have a real alternative to shop-bought foundation sheets.

Hope it works for you! (We’d appreciate it if you’d share this too, if you think it’s worth it..)

This is the link to a video on using these sheets in hives.

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Post time: Apr-23-2017


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