Epson NX 130: Don’t Buy. Ink is TOO Expensive and uses chip. $55 for 4 Cartridges

I made this video because I wanted to warn anyone thinking about this printer not to get it.

Granted it prints decent quality color prints (even photos) and takes decently fast scan’s, but the major detractor for this printer is that the ink costs too much.

For 4 ink cartridges it costs $55. That’s way to expensive.
You could probably get it refilled for half the price, but the company refilling it would need a chip resetter.

Chip resetters cost like $10-20. You can probably get refill ink kits for $10. Regardless the main story to tell in all of this is the epson nx 130 is TOO expensive and abit time consuming to have the ink cartridges replaced or refilled.

I bought this printer years ago from fry’s for $25-30. I never by factory ink because it’s too expensive. Instead, I usually buy generic ink. Generic ink cartridges are not that great and might not print well.

In the end… don’t get an inkjet and try investing in a more cost effective laser printer.

I’m actually sending this printer to the recycler.

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor

Post time: Aug-07-2017


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