Design Classic: Grundig Ocean Boy 210 Radio

A quick look at the Grundig Ocean Boy 210 radio from 1970.
Also known as the Transistor 3005 in some countries.
A previous Design Classic video can be found here:
My radio came from eBay:
This site is a good resource for old Grundig Radios (and they sell some too)
The song on the radio at 05:50 is ‘Jailbird’ by Shells
Lots of people are suggesting that you can use a FM transmitter when/if FM is switched off. I don’t really see this…a FM transmittter can transmit one signal at one frequency. So if someone were to get a DAB radio and attach it to a transmitter…the FM radio would only receive the single station being broadcast by the DAB radio and if they wanted to change the station they would have to do it on the DAB radio. Seems like a lot of fuss to go to…might as well just listen on the DAB radio in the first place. But then again responding to comments gets some people angry…so it’s probably best if I just butt out.

Apologies but the word “received” is spelt incorrectly at one point. I am holding an inquest into who is responsible and no stone will go unturned in apprehending the suspect to bring him or her to justice.

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Post time: Aug-08-2017


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