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Zhono we can trust them because they have never avoid any problems and they constantly effort to solve the problems we respect them because they always looking for new items and develop for the best quality we appreciate them because they haven’t avoided their mistake, and they are always honesty when they have any problems we sure they will success. and they will write a new history we always support your company. and dont forget you are our best partner
Albert Reviews


We are very happy working with Zhono. We have been working for 4-5 years already. The reason to start working, was that the quality of the chips was very good. With the time we realized, that the reason for the good quality is the good management and the very innovative R&D department and the quality control of the production, which we saw when visiting the company in April 2015. I was surprised to see how much testing equipment the company has. We are also very happy with the delivery time and the service we get from the people, that work with us. All the claims we had, were treated very fast and in deep understanding of the product and our needs.
Freckles Reviews


Our work with Sherry and her team at Zhono aimed to reduce our investment in inventory and local buying. We were thrilled when Sherry and her team try to support to wait for our late payment and then, do quickly action to meet cut-off shipping time for soonest delivery to adapt to our production plan. That was beyond our expectations in terms of cost savings and the speed with which we accomplished our goal. What we appreciated most about working with Sherry and her team was their ability to cut through the predictable politics of a project, remind us in important things, and deliver the expected results and then some.
Vmax Printer Cartridge Co., Ltd Reviews

Vmax Printer Cartridge Co., Ltd

Zhono is good company. We chose this manufacturer cuz they have very wide range of chips, quality of it is very high and stable. They always update their products and launch new models quite fast. Sales managers are very polite and always try to find the best individual solution of cooperation for customer.
DW Reviews


below some feedbacks regarding the business and support with Zhono: - a large chips portfolio; - competitive prices; - Zhono can develop new compatible chips from OEM virgin chips; - good technical support; - credit note for defective products; - the chips are packed individual with personalized label; - fast shipping 10-14, days; - customer’s service prompt.
TOKO Reviews



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